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In 2009 I accompanied several intrepid explorers on an AlTo trip to Sulawesi Indonesia. AlTo is the Alliance for Tompotika Conservation and is run by a good friend Marcy Summers. I will let Marcy introduce you to AlTo in her own words:

AlTo is the most succesful small conservation program that I know of.

On our trip we encountered Black Crested Macaques, Tonkean Macaques, Sulawesi Bear Cuscus, Tarsiers, Sulawesi Flying Foxes, Green Backed Fruit Bats, Maleo Birds, Egrets, Herons, Sea Eagles, Spinner Porpoise, Butterflies, Spiders and lots of bugs. We spent some nights deep in the jungle on the side of Mount Tompotika, we danced at a wedding ceremony in Teku, met lots of wonderful people, went snorkeling, saw a very remote part of the world where people live very differently than we do, and had a great time. Enjoy the pictures in the three galleries. As always you can contact me from the Contact page (imagine that!) so feel free to ask about anything you see here.