I was lucky to make three trips to Antarctica in the course of my work, as well as several trips to the far north. Our first trip to the southernmost continent included helocopter rides out to the sites where we were working. I've compiled photos from several of those flights into a single slide show to represent a trip out from McMurdo Station and around the area. The most exhilarating part of the trip was a ride along Hut Point Peninsula from Cape McKay, where we were working, up the side of Mount Erebus and back to the station along the west side of the penninsula. This is the second half of the slide show.

I've also included a gallery of images from some recent trips to Italy. I have two other web sites, one dedicated to fisheye images and one which includes stories with art pages.


My web site of fisheye images: www.fisheyeimage.com.

My web site with stories and art: www.froginhotwater.com.